American drones express company Flirtey announced
According to the phys.org on December 21, American drones Flirtey express service company announced that the company has use drones to medicine, food and 7-eleven goods delivered to the customer's home.It is reported, Flirtey unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) company headquarters is located in Nevada. "The company has successfully completed the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express service, the first months of cooperation customer is 7-eleven," Flirtey chief executive Matthew Sweeny, said in a statement, "this is a huge leap, in the future, everyone can experience Flirtey uav real-time delivery and quick service". Flirtey said, in November, the company provides the specific customer 77 single uav express service.Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) shipped with the special application.The order of the food and non-prescription drugs in a special seat box, and then use the equipped with GPS positioning system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the airplane hovering in the air, receives an address, the parcel on the ground, the entire process takes less than 10 minutes on average.Which one of the most popular goods including hot food, cool drink and drugs. America's first commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express service, in fact, in July this year.7-eleven with Flirtey cooperation will be a chicken sandwich, hot coffee and doughnuts to a customer's home near Reno, Nevada.Flirtey and 7-eleven plan in the next year, expanding drone delivery service. In early December, amazon also said completed the first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express service delivery, and the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express service into a new trend.亚马逊 this delivery customers located near Cambridge, goods for books, delivered within 13 minutes after placing orders. 亚马逊 has been testing the United States and other parts of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express service.Companies in the United States has repeatedly complained of regulatory environment, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery process more complicated. 谷歌 also has a similar project is called a wing.It is reported that the United States retailers wal-mart is also working on unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery.
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