The Panther warehousing logistics companies expand
Panther warehousing logistics company expanded the size of its fleet, bought 29 May desai, mercedes-benz Sprinter truck, to meet customer for the earlier this year launched a one-to-many delivery service growing demand. Five years ago, Panther changed its business model, and make full use of the advantage of the growing e-commerce industry, to become one of Britain's leading Posting and delivering enterprise, and its new one-to-many delivery service is also in rapid development. After reports that Panther launched a series of new services, including window, shorten the deliver time from 4 hours to 2 hours.Launch Sunday Posting and delivering services;Allow online customer order time delay to 22 PM;Public holiday LanShou next day delivery service. With the sustained growth of one-to-many delivery business, the company will further expand the size of the team.
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