The Christmas season Cross-border logistics channe
On December 23, Christmas cross-border export season is coming, to the German cross-border logistics channels, however, was "in". Learned that a few days ago, Lufthansa launched strikes, and cross-border electricity coincides with Christmas sales season coming, cause into Germany entrance to a backlog of cases, therefore, China to Germany cross-border electricity packages or delay. According to reporter understanding, the main reason for the Lufthansa strike is staff in the negotiations failed to with airlines agreed on salaries and other issues.While under the influence of the pilot strike, Lufthansa airlines cancelled nearly 2800 flights last week. The air direct mail and the use of cross-border export to overseas warehouse for replenishment has been electricity sellers in cross-border electricity sales season mainstream logistics means, therefore, the cancellation of the flight or necessarily cause certain pressure to the Christmas season cross-border logistics. To make matters worse, in addition to cross-border logistics channel "by blocking", electric business platform for the local delivery staff strike may increase this year the German Christmas cross-border sales logistics delay problems. In recent days, electric commerce and Verdi in Germany recently said in a statement, to increase the wages and better working conditions, will organize the amazon three logistics centers in Germany to join the strike.Verdi says, this year is expected to each logistics center will have hundreds of employees to participate in the strike, continued until December 24.
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