亚马逊 with aircraft delivery shipment, and FedEx,
On Tuesday, an amazon freight "Prime Air" logo on the plane at Allen's International Airport (Lehigh Valley International Airport) landing, Airport and New York City located about 90 minutes, the plane carrying the holiday shopping season users to buy goods. In order to meet the cargo needs of customers, amazon lease 40 jet delivery, flew to Allen, the airport is just one of a plane.Data show that Prime Air plane loaded with goods, but product is very light, before the goods transported by fedex, UPS, amazon now also want a piece of cake. 亚马逊 cargo plane Users like buy from stores to transport goods by heavy boxes, such as toilet paper, UPS and fedex to the business as a driver of growth.Now the situation has changed, in part because Courier company start according to the volume of a box to collect fees, rather than weight.亚马逊 transport costs big and light can control the package, don't let it rise. So far, amazon has only lease the aircraft to improve delivery speed, the holiday auxiliary freight transportation partners.In recent years, every Christmas fedex, UPS is always a delay delivery.亚马逊 spokesman kelly?'(Kelly Cheeseman) said in an interview: "our own transport services just complement rather than replace." In the United States, amazon will fly to at least 10 aircraft, shipping goods to the warehouse near the airport.Four airport managers revealed that amazon plane when operating close to saturation, but shipment weighs less than average weight, in other words, the jet shipment low density. Data shows, amazon's eastward flight the plane will leave Washington state and California in the middle of the night, freight company does not generally do so. 亚马逊 aircraft in the Pacific (601099), for instance, time at 2 o 'clock in the morning to leave Stockton, California, Stockton, in Ohio Wilmington (Wilmington).Fedex plane east leave time can't more than 9 PM, the latest this arrangement can ensure the plane arrived in Memphis, Tennessee (Memphis decade) classification has enough time in the evening. Freight company aircraft will stay at the airport, fast loading of the goods, these goods are shipped from a different source.By contrast, amazon does not generally do so.亚马逊 the stopover will not stop, so the transportation is faster, Prime service standard delivery time is 2 days, amazon can be compressed to 1 day, and even can be calculated by the hour. Let the flight later is good.Logistics, Capital and Strategy co., LTD. (Logistics Capital & Strategy LLC), general manager Brian?Clancy (Brian Clancy) believes that many people go to the company to work on the road when ordering goods, amazon can wait for the order.
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