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This year, the electricity business.According to the report, in the third quarter of the electricity sales increased by 16%, compared to the mobile terminal is increased by 47%.In the electricity business leads, the global express delivery giant fedex package volume increased by 5% year-on-year, the peak also extended accordingly, daily average volume is twice daily.Federal express how to deal with?How did it go? To deal with After the massive expansion of a decline in margins In order to deal with huge parcel delivery requirements, expansion fedex ground logistics scale.This year's federal threw a $2 billion expansion of ground logistics and distribution center.Complete 185 plant project, including four major logistics points, 19 automatic sites and 69 distribution center, this means that the new federal express logistics network of about 1000 square feet of sorting space.Such as rent, insurance, real estate tax, make the cost. Fedex issued last week by November 30 second quarter results, although the revenue exceeded Wall Street's expectations, but profitability and revenue have declined.Graf acknowledged that the results "a bit of a surprise.This exposed a major problem facing the current federal express: package increased the company began to increase investment in the logistics, and this inevitably led to the soaring cost, lower margins. A large-scale expansion also brought another question - Labour shortages.The relevant person in charge of the federal ground logistics said, "we in the 7-9 market faced a serious shortage of the sorting member... especially at this time of the year, we urgently need to improve, peak hourly wages, benefits and bonuses to attract more people to come to our factory." Fedex said, however, the trend of the electric business to increase in the short term will not change, so the investment in the expansion will continue next year, in this way can not behind another Courier giant UPS.In addition, on the surface of the logistics investment in the long run is sure to lead to improvements in profit margins and throughput. revelation Courier companies say is the key It is important to note that different in China's express delivery enterprises "price war", fedex is not at a low price to win the market, on the contrary, in September, after UPS announced price increases, fedex announced that since January 2017, will raise the Courier fees, the plane of 3.9% for freight, land and household Courier costs an average of 4.9%;In addition, the company also raised its air freight rate by 4.9%, and shipped bulk parcel customers need to pay higher fees. To provide quality services, at a high price for the Courier companies, will form a virtuous cycle.Only through the ascension of the service to maintain the status of the giant, at the same time, the giant barriers and market power makes its price can gradually improve, even if costs have risen sharply in the short term, long term profitability is still can be guaranteed. In contrast, the domestic express market, in addition to the motion, most of the express delivery business is given priority to with electric business.11 "past" double "double 12" for express delivery companies, is also a spelling a capital, the human to fight the battle of internal friction.Same as fedex, volume up, investment also greatly increased, express enterprises is ultimately empty a joy, may have to face more complaints;But unlike fedex, the current domestic express delivery companies in the front of the strong electricity market flow, the voice is still small, lack of the ability of pricing and courage.
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