FedEx said China's small and medium-sized enterpri
On December 22, fedex to entrust a global well-known consulting firm, according to a global survey conducted by Harris interactive in mainland China small and medium enterprises in the use of electronic commerce and digital channels to promote export growth, ahead of the asia-pacific region and the global average. According to the survey, 97% of the export-oriented small and medium enterprises have been using e-commerce exports to other markets, the proportion of the global and asia-pacific region were 80%.61% of enterprises believe that China will in the coming year through the electronic commerce to create more income, and the proportion in the world and the asia-pacific region is only 4, about a third.Think that e-commerce as a business growth of driving force, to promote small and medium enterprises to enter new markets. Fedex said the research clearly shows that China's small and medium enterprises in the use of electronic commerce development of global business is in the lead.They actively use new technology and digital channels, overcome intensifying competition from high production cost and other business challenges.
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