Deutsche post DHL postal signed a memorandum of un
Recently, deutsche post DHL group signed a memorandum of understanding with Argentina postal. Deutsche post DHL international mail and international relations, senior vice President Thomas Baldry said, this cooperation by Argentina's President, mauricio down, contributed to, is positive for Argentina and deutsche post DHL postal group Argentina attaches great importance to the development of current environment has made positive contributions to opportunity, Argentina is also committed to become the domestic postal logistics service and the postal service's leading professional service providers. Thomas Baldry said, Argentina postal now entered a new period of development and expansion, very happy in this period to provide management and logistics support as well as the company's professional ability to guide and help. The cooperation will make global reach Argentina the postal network and services, and DHL will be sent to you by Argentina in 1500 sales outlets throughout the country postal ascension in Argentina's market position. Argentina postal chief executive Jorge Irigoin, says the partnership is a typical example of collaboration, the company look forward to in the important period of development, create new business opportunities to consolidate the traditional business of the company, at the same time to upgrade infrastructure, expand service type, expanding the scope of the network. Deutsche post DHL said that in the coming six months to develop cooperation details.
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