Speed sell tong freight adjustment Russia won 22 y
Cross-border electricity industry due to the increased transportation costs, logistics freight rose.Speed sell tong yesterday issued a circular, the online delivery "Estonia postal parcel", "Stevens mail speed youbao economic package" and "speed of optimal treasure Finn post registered parcel" freight adjustment, gains from 22 yuan/KG to 16 yuan/KG, 0:00 on jan 01, 2017 create relevant orders will be the new price shall prevail.Take a look at your common route cost up or down. Most Estonia postal economic packets travel adjustment.Among them, send to belarus, Finland, Sweden, and Ukraine package freight or larger, belarus or the maximum is 15.4 yuan/KG, nearly 16 yuan.But the parcel freight sent to Russia, Hungary and Slovakia is lowered, the Russian drop the maximum is 22.2 yuan/KG, it will be the most sellers of good news. Youbao followed by speed mail economic package, adjusted the freight have risen to this circuit, most gains in 8 yuan/KG, with Russian direction only rose by 1.8 yuan/KG, but since December 1, sent to Russia package to this circuit before rising from 112.5 yuan/KG to 119.1 yuan/KG, completed the prices earlier measures. Speed sell tong freight adjustment Russia won 22 yuan/KG biggest drop line package Youbao together for price adjustment and speed post registered parcel, the line most of the increase in 6.5 yuan/KG, and Russian direction price rise up to 15.9 yuan/KG, nearly 16 yuan, becoming the largest increase in the pricing of course.And on December 1st, the route direction of Russia has had a small amplitude increases. Speed sell tong freight adjustment Russia won 22 yuan/KG biggest drop line package Logistics line transportation cost increase is the main reason most of the freight.After knowing the latest freight information, the seller will make reasonable logistics arrangement, again according to the latest offer timely adjustment of commodity prices, avoid to cause loss of profit.
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