Don't want to than amazon's logistics is not a goo
Comparable to the amazon 亚马逊 is among the first to play the intelligent electric business enterprise logistics big data.Through the accumulation of 20 years, amazon has built a huge network all over the world.The network operations center in 109, covers 185 countries and regions.Only in China, amazon has 15 operation center, can offer more than 1400 counties on the same day, arrived the next day service.Maybe amazon than local electricity in China, after all, a not extortionate, but all over the world overseas business is so huge, perhaps the world is a amazon alone can do it. hardware Compared to the amazon's intelligent logistics, warehouse photos have circulated online.Using robots to allocate all warehouse.亚马逊 has also been gradually developed Prime Air unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for the last 100 meters (solution.At home and a key order button. software 亚马逊 using big data in the every link.When a page in your web browser, big data will be recorded, the may be of interest to you AD push to the front of you;No matter where you are a page can quick order, in shopping;All from the order processing to choose package sorting, intelligent, quick and less error;Include distribution of accurate and customer service 24 hours a day.Around the world, amazon's almost big data can be incorporated into intelligent logistics achieved perfection. To the logistics peak China logistics need to do now is comparable to amazon, took to the logistics.In 2015, our country's logistics costs account for GDP16.6 %, the number, sharply higher than the United States and Japan.Once can reach the level of developed countries, the cost will be greatly reduced.And reduce the number of the key, is becoming an information based society, the intelligent logistics also is what we say. From 2001 to 2003, automatic logistics system the size of the market from the rapid growth of less than 2 billion yuan to 36 billion yuan, the compound growth rate was 30%.Logistics warehousing automation equipment market in 2014-2018 growth also remain above 20% at least, by 2018, the size of the market to break through the billions.The next five years, electricity and express may will be a smart logistics industry the main driver of growth. The development of intelligent logistics scale and growth The improvement of the intelligent logistics point can obtain from the following several aspects: Intelligent storage longitudinal extension.Because the domestic price is more and more expensive, the cost of land use is higher and higher, intelligent logistics can let warehouse to higher development.That is to say, the rate of volume is higher in per square meter, so it can reduce the enterprise cost of land. At home, more can solve the intelligent logistics is labor costs.Basically, if the United States like amazon, can save 80% of the labor cost in China, in this way, express and logistics difficult to dismiss workers and labor costs continue to increase the problem can be solved.Items of the same tonnage, intelligent logistics than labor costs can save nearly 2/3. Finally, it is accuracy and speed.Because after all is intelligent logistics, is machine, it is rational, compared with the artificial, though less flexibility, but for a single action, work, increased the accuracy and speed.If the big data and automated process operation, can save time and error rate. For intelligent logistics, domestic industry pioneer company bosses had laid hands on him, the prospectus in recent years, investment to the investment of intelligent logistics have raised more than billions.If this can be added to the investment, intelligent logistics industry scale, is the investor's profit.
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