亚马逊 holiday transport more than 1 billion piece
Based in Seattle, amazon on December 27, said the company during the Christmas holidays through its Prime and Fulfillment services delivered more than 1 billion items, sales record the best, and its Alexa equipment order record is at a record high. 亚马逊 said in a statement that the voice recognition software based on Alexa Echo intelligent speaker sales is 2015 nine times during the holidays.The product can let the consumer by voice command to order pizza, check your homework, play music, and so on. Company JeffWilke global consumer's chief executive, said "although the company improves the capacity of the Echo, but it is still difficult to hold inventory."Measurement products demand is difficult.Retailers may loss because of excessive or insufficient inventory, and may be disappoint consumers due to lack of product quantity.JeffWilke said. "the Echo and EchoDot is amazon's best-selling products this year, we are glad to introduce Alexa to millions of new customers." The company's shares rose 13% this year.In addition, amazon also said that more than 70% of users use mobile devices during the holiday shopping.
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