The Shimano group proposed the new distribution ce
Shimano group announced that Japan plans to establish new distribution center in Lyon, France, France and Italy customer service.This will be the Shimano third distribution center in Europe, the other two distribution centers located in the Netherlands and Poland.Shimano in Istanbul has a response to Turkey market warehouse.The Shimano will work with the global supply chain solutions business XPO Logisticsto company jointly build the distribution center, is expected to begin in January 2017. We have learned, Lyon, France factory mainly provide bicycle spare parts and equipment, in addition to Shimano brand products, and other brand products including PRO, Pearl Izumi, Lazer and other relevant brand. Aad Ramondt, Shimano Europe, said an official with the supply chain in the continued growth of the European market as Shimano group hopes the new distribution center to speed up the ability to cope with market in France and in Italy. The distribution center after the establishment, the group will be closer to the customer a layer, ensure rapid turnover, logistics to work together with retailers, actively to local consumer demand and oems.It also helps group to help millions of bicycle enthusiasts to enjoy nature.
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