Ups to buy healthcare logistics enterprises Marken
Recently, ups Marken agreed to buy health care logistics enterprises, the company is to the life sciences industry provides a global supplier of supply chain solutions.It is understood that the deal is expected before the 31st of December. Ups, chief marketing officer and business services officer Teresa Finley said that medical logistics is a strategic market ups.Acquisition of Marken will enhance the company's product portfolio, highlights the company's commitment to the customer at the same time.Ups plans to provide a new solution, and for the company to create more opportunity for growth. Wes, chief executive of Marken Wheeler, will continue to be responsible for Marken business, Marken will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of ups. According to understand, Marken with more than 650 employees worldwide and 44 sites, including 10 conform to good manufacturing practices (GMP) of the warehouse.
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