EBay India started to lay off workers, and China a
On December 29, news, today, eBay India announced that its sales from 2015 to 2015 increased by three times.But India news website Economic Times, points out that although eBay India through a variety of measures to cut costs, it in fiscal year 2016 losses or from fiscal year 1.72 billion rupees (about 175.49 million yuan) to expand to 2.62 billion rupees (about 267.32 million yuan). According to the eBay India's annual report, its $2014 in fiscal 2014 to 2015 rupees, $2015 in fiscal 2015 ~ 2016 rupees. 亚马逊 seller service the turnover of the company, by contrast, compared with 116% growth for the last fiscal year, to 22.17 billion rupees;It's online sales growth of 153% over the same period, 19.52 billion rupees. Digital does not mean that it is important to note that the above merchandise trade deals on these platforms, but from merchants pay commission, shelving fee, and advertising (electric business enterprise generally charge 5% to 20% of the traded goods to the businessman as smoke). "EBay is currently play defensive rather than strategic, because India is not their priority market. They have to convince myself when a small player in India, and try to reduce loss."Retail and consumer goods industry consulting enterprise Third Eyesight CEO Devangshu Dutta, analysis. It is understood that eBay Indian companies have recently started through layoffs engineers and experts such as data analysis measures to reduce its workforce in India.Last month, for example, bangalore, employees receive an email, told them that the company will reduce local full-time and part-time employees. However, the company said it was not a decision to cut costs, its purpose is to concentrate resources in key areas, the company will be in Shanghai and parts of the country recruit more people, and even some of bangalore people can choose to move to the United States. It is understood that eBay headquartered in the United States (San Jose), San Jose in 2004 with the online retail astronomical $55 million for India after the auction platform baazee into India.However, due to it, after Snapdeal and amazon and other companies made a series of low price discount for the user's race, eBay India soon say goodbye to the first into the market dominant position. Until last month, amazon also invested 20.1 billion rupees in India, so its total investment in the amazon seller service of 116.38 billion rupees. 亚马逊 seller service, is a registered business unit of amazon Indian companies, because of its huge investment and spending on the negative impact of the profit margin losses of $527 million in fiscal year ending March 2016;While last year loss of $254 million. According to Morgan Stanley Research firms (Morgan Stanley Research) report released earlier this year, India's e-commerce market will reach $119 billion in 2020, more than the previous estimate of $102 billion.Report also said that India network market size (including online food business) will increase from $1.37 billion to $1.59 billion.
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