Package delivery can take on china-eu trains "lift
On the evening of December 24th, china-eu trains (zhengzhou) 2016 annual the last trip to trains pulled out from zhengzhou railway container terminal operation to the total number of classes to refresh throughout the year to 251 class (to return class 137 go, 114), is 2.6 times that of the previous year, as China will "neighbourhood" all the way to a national strategy, from zhengzhou, chongqing, chengdu, suzhou, wuhan, changsha, yiwu, guangzhou, Harbin, xining and other 10 cities starting, via the ala shan kou (huoerguos), erlianhot, manchuria (suifenhe) such as "three channel" 11 central trains to Europe, the potential of its logistics and trade channel is gradually released. Also committed to the "going out", then, China's Express delivery parcel industry (Courier, Express and Postal industry, abbreviated CEP), you will ride on this "free ride"? Try water B2C, china-eu trains "act stability take" Less than 1%. This is central Europe in 2015 in the total cargo transportation of railway transportation, shipping accounts for about 90%, and the same period by air accounts for about 10%. Insignificant proportion compared with the "new trade" between central closely is unbecoming, Nordic and international postal postal service, according to a report released in 2015, China has become the European cross-border electrical contractor's biggest exporter, Europe is also one of China's cross-border electrical contractor's main trading partners. At present, china-eu trains main application field for B2B and B2B2C cross-border transportation, and "package delivery + trains in central Europe" is a new mode, China post take the lead in the B2C field testing the waters - since 2014, the China post and China railway corporation has successfully completed test, eight times for "package delivery + central trains" into the cross-border electricity B2C market segment provides valuable data and experience. In October this year, from chongqing 26 bag parcel on "China and the eu, chongqing new European" trains from chongqing, after 15 days arrived in Frankfurt, Germany mail processing center, and all the successful delivery, marked the china-eu trains carrying mail all the test is successful, creating the China Europe international railway transport mail here. Two big bottleneck, railway transport "thing" in Taipei However, the railway transport to shake the dominance of air and sea, still have a long way to go, especially in the field of delivery. From the Angle of logistics service demand, central European trains and cross-border B2B and B2C [of] pattern matching degree is higher, but is not suitable for express shipping.Reason is that both 2 weeks before shipping time requirements, and delivery time limits is within 1 week.According to the survey, B2C customer's expectations of the time limit is 4 ~ 5 days, 50% of customers will give up the order because of the expected delivery time is too long.In cross-border electricity B2C market, therefore, by optimizing the process of trains in central Europe is likely to increase in along the applicability of the country, but in the long transit road, it is difficult to shake air transport's dominance. From the Angle of railway clearance requirements, whether cross-border B2B or B2C, in terms of micro, small and medium enterprises in the customs clearance needs to be further improved.On the one hand, the postal clearance although simple, but the international railway transport mail customs supervision mechanism has not yet been established, which caused by the electronic commerce trade fragmentation poses a great pressure to the customs, the customs of human, have been supervised system, risk measures are difficult to support this kind of "many and miscellaneous" commodity circulation;Railway cargo supervision way, on the other hand, although established, but there are a variety of Taipei.Therefore, railway clearance mechanism appears to be available to express enterprises exist, but it is difficult to adapt to the request of the fragmented trade development. If you can't break through the limitation and customs clearance two bottlenecks, "package delivery + central trains" it will be difficult to running smoothly. It may have as a handstand, wins, Courier companies If this is doomed, express to central trains?It doesn't have to be. "Package delivery + central trains" positioning is mainly light mail transport and economical small freight market, rather than the international express market.But it also provides a development economy light small international express delivery business products, is more economic than air transport, more quickly than Marine a international transportation route. Courier companies, meanwhile, also can give full play to the advantages of the service, the entire query, on both ends to provide value-added services such as convenient to return and complete the payment information, develop beyond the general railway freight or multimodal transport products, more deeply embedded in manufacturing enterprises, enterprises of supply chain management, international trade through continuously extend the industrial chain, will "small express" into a "big express". By central trains "channel", this article transport package delivery is expected to become a good medium, let more and more European milk powder, coil and other commodities to China, and more, including electronic products, clothing and food provisions, "made in China", the log in the European market.
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