Central Europe, central Asia international freight
Since this year, central Europe, central Asia, trains and other international freight trains business growth, only in dongguan on two international trains, value will increase by more than 80%.This is reporter from yesterday (29) in guangzhou huangpu customs bonded area at the "' area all the business of international freight trains advance will" on that. According to introducing, dongguan is central guangdong, one of the main point of freight trains of central Asia.At present, guangdong (shilong railway international logistics center set up a "shilong, ala shan kou, five central Asian countries" trains "central Asia" and "shilong, manchuria, Russia, the European" "central trains", 1 - November this year, the center of international railway freight trains, freight volume, value 129 divisions, 57000 tons, 2.07 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 84.29%, 64.03% and 88.27%, respectively. Next, huangpu customs will further optimize the mode of regulation, the overall acceleration power international trains customs clearance.Officials said: "now the logistics center for international export transit trains mainly adopts the" quadratic transit "or" to declare "mode, regulatory procedures relatively cumbersome. To meet the enterprises' application of apanage, make a loading 'business needs, I closed after nearly a year of research and demonstration, within the scope of the policy, we optimized the regulatory model. After the commissioning of the new regulatory model, enterprises can choose at the scene of the huangpu customs as a" one-stop "to complete the formalities of customs declaration and cargo shall give a letter, the goods can be' to choose the mode of transportation make to shilong railway international logistics center and directly loading the departure formalities, no other intermediate link, the customs clearance efficiency is expected to increase greatly. According to our calculations, trains in central Europe, central Asia trains will than Marine liner nearly two-thirds of time saving, flights to cut down the cost of nearly 50% than by air."
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