亚马逊's American station 6 large logistics change
On December 30, news, a few days ago, due to the warehouse and logistics demand rising, amazon announced global shop will adjust the amazon on the logistics cost of FBA.New fees will be effective on February 22, 2017, or after. According to amazon global set up shop, logistics costs will be 6 big changes: 1, unified distribution costs.Since February 22, 2017, amazon "order processing", "pick-up and packing charges" and "the first heavy and renewal fee" will be merged into individual distribution costs (in charge). Cost: 2, improve media goods since February 22, 2017, medium goods delivery fee will be up to with the same medium goods delivery fees, and media medium of commodities and the goods will be combined into a standard size fragmentation. 3, unified the fourth quarter distribution costs and export season cost reduced.Since October 1, 2017, amazon will reduce the October delivery of all goods of distribution costs.October delivery fee will be and is consistent with distribution costs in November and December.With the loss of the shipping costs, reduce the use of storage space in October sellers have opportunities in the fourth quarter to pay less amazon logistics total cost. 4 monthly inventory storage charges, unified the fourth quarter, the peak season warehousing costs increase.Since October 1, 2017, amazon sellers use standard size and large size of goods on October monthly inventory storage charges will add to the monthly inventory storage charges with in November and December. 5, sellers goods demand a change: since July 19, 2017, the seller is created into the Treasury plan, amazon will ask seller send goods to multiple destinations.For each inbound plan, the seller may choose to follow the guide amazon or the use of "stock configuration services", this lets the will be less goods shipped to the destination.And sellers use inventory configuration services, service charge will be effected according to the parts. 6, cancel the free distribution: since February 22, 2017, for $300 or above the standard size of goods, amazon will cancel its enjoy the free shipping discount.亚马逊 will corresponding fees according to goods size section. It is understood that the amazon global shop covers 14 sites around the world, with over 300 million active users, its global 149 big operation center will deliver goods to more than 180 countries and regions of the world's consumers.
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