Speed sell pass to start again the seller protecti
Just after Christmas, New Year is coming, the ensuing holiday make cross-border electricity remain the state of "crowded" logistics;At the same time, under the influence of the holiday, the world appeared different degree of parcel delivery sluggish.In speed sell tong, for example, Spain, Italy, Canada, Chile, the direction of increased risk of logistics delay, to reduce the negative impact of the sellers might speed sell tong custom related seller protection policy. Meet the following standard order can enjoy protection policy: in the United States time on November 1 2016 - November 30 during the delivery, the receiving countries as Spain, Italy, Canada, Chile, four countries, and the buyer has launched "not yet received goods" disputes.Speed sell tong will handle these orders for artificial arbitration on the basis of the "end of time limit of time," extended for 15 days. The protection policy implemented by began on December 28, has finished the order is no longer enjoy the policy to protect. In view of the logistics delay probability, sellers need and buyers to communicate, when necessary, can extend the buyer protection, avoid disputes.But even with "gold from death," the seller also cannot treat STH lightly.The reason is that platform to extend the time of artificial processing the arbitration practice, limited to logistics status to dispute the order in transit, other dispute categories of orders are still in accordance with the normal flow process;In addition, the arbitration time is extended only artificial processing, so the buyer after a dispute, the seller will respond within 5 days. After the speed sell tong has launched more than once the seller protection policy.In November, affected by the strike in Chile, Chile parcel delivery sluggish, similar to the protection policy, speed sell tong for eligible orders, in artificial processing arbitration "end of time limit of time," extended on the basis of 30 days.Speed sell tong, in fact, not only to consider the seller feeling, also responsible for platform customer shopping experience.For this, on December 15th, speed to sell through the upgrade for Spain and Brazil's logistics: since January 3, 2017, in addition to the standard and fast logistics, Spanish direction only allows the use of economic category "sinotrans - west post economic package", do not use other economic category;In Brazil is not allowed to use the economic class.Purpose is to improve the logistics service from the source, improve the buyers shopping experience, and reduce the sellers use inferior logistics channels of shops operating risk.
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