2017 USPS, FedEx and Canada Post and other large l
Etsy project logistics and order management department analyst Mike McGuire, on "Etsy sellers handbook" published the following posts: At the beginning of the New Year, most of the logistics providers will adjust freight rate and related services, these changes will greatly affect the seller business, so the seller needs to pay close attention to, at any time can easily cope with 2017. The United States postal service (USPS), federal express (FedEx), and Canada Post (Canada Post), is ready to adjust freight rates in 2017.Main changes are as follows: USPS: ? 2017 USPS international mail rate will remain unchanged Ordinary mail (First Class), the United States the rate increased by 4.1% on average Priority Mail in the United States (Priority Mail) rate increased by 3.9% on average, Express Mail, Priority Mail, Express) rate increased by 3.4% FedEx: , the domestic and international FedEx Express rate increased by 3.9% on average, domestic FedEx Ground rate increased by 4.9% on average. Way of calculate the shipping cost also changed, which means that some of the big volume, light weight product freight is likely to increase. Canada Post: , in general, Canada package freight average increased by 4% Shipped to the United States, Canada package freight increased by 3% ? international freight average increased by 3% ? purchase liability insurance at more than $200 of the parcel must the addressee signature confirmation Specific freight logistics company changes according to the distribution and shipping address to confirm.
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