亚马逊's 2017: a counter-offensive stores can go f
According to foreign media reports (VentureBeat), amazon set many records in 2016.Sixth consecutive quarterly earnings record (after it is famous for its burning money subsidies don't make money).Hardware is growing 亚马逊 last year, including the intelligent family assistant 亚马逊 Echo and voice assistant Alexa.In addition, a senior member with the amazon Prime service appear a series of original performance content for amazon in the entertainment market began to show the strength. Passed in 2016, the road to success, these may move to amazon in 2017 further. 1. Strengthen the attention to logistics: each quarter amazon spending billions of dollars on delivery, as the company distribution to the expansion of business - from napkins to television, the cost of distribution is increasing.In the past year, amazon has been through leasing trucks, planes and ships and other ways to save transportation cost, even intends to develop its logistics business.亚马逊 delivery is also tested drones, patent application for the airship warehouse.Can expect, amazon in the future will rely more on their own distribution channels for the delivery. 2. Loaded with artificial intelligence and Alexa: thanks to Echo in the early development and Alexa, now the amazon in the virtual assistant to apple and 谷歌 are behind.Echo is a voice control of intelligent assistant, to answer user questions, playing music can also agent for the online shopping.Then 谷歌 also launched its 谷歌 Assistant and 谷歌 Home equipment, trying to catch up.Before 谷歌 powerful offensive technology, amazon can keep lead? 亚马逊 to Alexa attaches great importance to, bezos has recently revealed that 1000 employees committed to the development of Alexa, and they are hiring. Perhaps can expect amazon will give more than amazon Alexa authorized devices.Recently it will cooperate with ge, allowing the latter use Alexa in the lamps and lanterns. 3. The counter-offensive retail entity shop: in the coming year, amazon online both likely, expand business entity shop.This sign is showed by the end of 2016, 亚马逊 opened the first 亚马逊 in Seattle Go shop, the main entity retail and convenient payment. 亚马逊 Go is 亚马逊's concept of the proposed new supermarket.When consumers into the supermarket, the use of mobile phones on the detector to register, and then choose and buy goods like shopping in general, choose finished home directly.System will display when guests leave their bills, and then automatic deductions, be exempted from the process of artificial cashier.It is unclear if 亚马逊 will open more home in 2017 in 亚马逊 Go shop.This is a preliminary attempt to Seattle. Besides the supermarket groceries, amazon also intends to enter the entity bookstore.亚马逊 to use its online sales data to choose suitable entity shop sales of the book, as a veteran started with selling bookselectricityThis is obviously a big advantage of it.And in the books, entity bookstore amazon also offers Kindle and other hardware equipment sales.The 亚马逊 Books has opened four, may add more by the year 2017. 4. The more original content: amazon in recent months quickly show the essence of content slasher.It a lot to buy movies, TV shows and documentaries, to compete head-on with Netflix and apple. 亚马逊's most original content is only for premium members and separate subscription users with video content, monthly fee of $8.99.亚马逊's CFO, said Brian Olsavsky amazon plan in the second half of 2016 will be original content increase in the number two times.We have reasons to believe that this trend will continue until 2017. 5. The Indian market: amazon said it would continue to invest $3 billion in India last year to develop this market.In India in the region will have a total investment of 5 billion dollars.亚马逊 in 2016 launched the Prime membership services in India, and hopes to replicate this business success in the United States.亚马逊 also said video content will be added to the Indian Prime subscription option, convenient Indian consumers access to more domestic original content.
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