UPS to $400 million to build the parcel sorting hu
Ups company recently announced plans to invest $400 million, in Atlanta, USA west building a regional parcel sorting hub, it will become the company's third largest in the United States parcel treatment station. The site is located in Fulton county of a industrial zone, covers an area of 341 acres, will be in Atlanta, Georgia, and Fulton county economic development under the support of team construction.The station is scheduled for fully operational by the end of 2018, will hire 1250 new employees, allocated in different sorting job. Ups, President and chief executive David Abney, said as the ups global headquarters in Atlanta has a history of more than 20 years.The strategic investment will be equipped with world-class technology for the new site.By the sheer force of Atlanta traffic system and rich labor resources, new processing site can better meet the Georgia and customer and enterprise growing demand around the world. The site USES ups the latest sorting, processing, and data mining technology.When the parcel on the transport network of mobile, ups can gather a lot of freight state data.Using these data, the company can provide industry leading package tracking service, not only can be seamlessly change the place of delivery, meet customer demand, also can adjust freight routes, deal with the weather or other unexpected circumstances. 15 miles of the station is equipped with conveyor belt, the use of highly automated processing equipment, capable of handling more than 100000 parcels per hour, on the surface of the six laser label decoding path can quickly capture package information from the address labels. The investment of the construction of the southeastern United States regional hub, is a part of the investment plan, ups other investments also include new processing facilities and buy new cargo aircraft, as a way to expand its global network, accelerate the process of modernization. Ups in Georgia package delivery, ground freight, aircraft operations, data center management and contract logistics business employs more than 1.4 employees.Product and technology development, global transportation network planning and other company employees stationed in downtown Atlanta.
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