Us postal service for employees equipped with 5000
Honeywell recently announced that as part of the postal parcel tracking visualization program, the us postal for staff is equipped with 5000 sets of honeywell CN51 handheld device. The postal staff in package processing point can be used as the driver the device scan and capture data import and export package. The relevant person in charge of honeywell said, because the consumers have been looking forward to a faster, more accurate delivery service, as a result, the United States postal need to know the precise location in the process of all package in the mail. CN51 handheld device specially designed for rugged outdoor environment, to have a multi-touch screen, powerful function of gesture recognition, support omnidirectional 1 d and 2 d barcode scanning, can withstand repeated dropped from 5 feet to the concrete ground, with IP64 seal grade, and waterproof, dustproof. Honeywell has been data tracking for the U.S. postal service.In 2014, the United States postal service for couriers is equipped with more than 270000 honeywell portable computer, designed to help customers to track their mail and packages.
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