Ups and with the United States, the company combin
Recently, ups and with the United States, cooperation between companies, providing e-commerce packing and delivering solutions. Ups, according to establish relations of cooperation, with bush, will provide a powerful set of e-commerce enterprise products and services.E-commerce growth is expected to achieve GDP growth of 3 times. Ups said in a statement, ups and went our company for many years contributed to the extension of the cooperative relations of cooperation, the two sides will launch a series of new services. As part of the partnership, ups customers can pass, the company's packaging packaging engineering professional knowledge and service application center, the center for 27 countries and regions in the world of packaging design, test and performance analysis. In addition, the bush, company will be involved in the ups customer technology project (CTP), provides packaging systems and materials.CTP is a customer loyalty program, the small and medium-sized enterprises with the hardware, software, peripherals and packaging suppliers together. Company said, the electronic commerce is probably the most important consumer revolution in recent 15 years, ups and other related enterprises have already realize own transformation, to better provide service for e-commerce. From the beginning of 2017, the client may in ups supply chain solutions in louisville, Kentucky, center experience new packaging solutions, and visit the riel characteristic exhibition hall.
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