2016 annual top 10 international shipping news sur
In 2016, the profound changes in the international shipping industry, a number of important shipping news events.Specific content is as follows: Quick pay $ 1, the freight have been setting up a new alliance On the afternoon of April 20, 2016, China OCEAN shipping group in Shanghai announced its coscon CGM from France, Taiwan evergreen Marine and establishment of the Hong Kong oocl is new shipping alliance, signed a cooperation memorandum "OCEAN".The alliance plans to officially began operations in April 2017, the alliance cooperation term would at least five years.Alliance will also provide a stable route service, will invest more than 350 ships to achieve efficient and collaborative operation.Early alliance cooperation, will cooperate in more than 40 routes, including in Europe and America area, respectively, have 20 or so of course. On May 13, 2016 in THE afternoon, hanjin, k-line herb in Germany, Japan, THE Japanese ships mitsui, Nippon yusen, Taiwan yangming shipping 13, announced THE formation of a new shipping Alliance: "THE Alliance". On December 12, 2016, the modern merchant as members of an informal alliance with 2 m strategic cooperation agreement. 2, hanjin shipping bankruptcy reorganization On September 2, on the morning of the Seoul central district court issued about the publication of the hanjin shipping, decided to hanjin shipping start restructuring program.This is the international shipping industry in recent years one of the largest bankruptcy reorganization case. 3, the United Nations sanctions against north Korea On March 27, the United Nations security council resolution 2270, passed, mineral trade restrictions on north Korea, banning north Korean ships or aircraft. 4, after the expansion of the panama canal On June 28, 2016, the panama canal after the expansion of the formal navigation China ocean shipping group's "cosco shipping panama" become the panama canal after the expansion of the liner vessel.Panama's President Juan carlos varela, said after the panama canal is navigable formally, people witnessed the panama.Before the ships need to adapt to the canal, canal today to make changes to adapt to the developing world shipping industry.This marked the panama canal officially entered the new era, also let the panama be the missing link to connect the world again. 5, the Singapore exchange, acquisition of the Baltic exchange On August 22, 2016, the Singapore exchange and the Baltic exchange's main sea issued a joint statement, announced that the two sides have the SGX 87 million pounds ($114 million) in cash for the Baltic exchange trading agreement. 6, liner giant integration was intensified CGM buy seafood group On June 7, 2016 - according to a united morning post, the French CGM (CMACGM) has formally put forward to the nol takeover offer, will be $1.30 per share (s), the price of a full takeover seafood. Herb ROM, merge the Arab ships On September 1, herb ROM shareholders approved a merger with Arab ships, as a legal shares into the herb roethke.Shareholders also approved will be expanded to 16 now 12 supervisors members, this essentially confirmed that a merger with Arab shipping. Japan's three shipping companies merge freight business October 31, Japan's three shipping company Nippon yusen, mitsui osk and k-line held a joint news conference, announced that it would merge its freight shipping business, establish a new venture.Content, according to a statement from the three parties in the new freight company, Nippon yusen will has a 38% stake, k-line and mitsui osk each has a 31% stake, three-way total investment of about 30 billion yen (us), the mode includes cash, ship and terminal assets.If countries antitrust approval smoothly, the new company established on July 1, expected in the next year, April 1, 2018 the official start of the run. Maersk line announced acquisition of South American ships On December 1, the Danish shipping giant maersk line announced with autodesk Group (Oetker Group) to reach an agreement, will buy German Hamburg South America shipping container shipping company Group (Hamburg Sud).This is maersk line announced earlier this year after acquisition as one of the two measures to achieve development, and the specific implementation of the strategy. 7, the ballast water convention to achieve effective conditions On November 25, 2016, Indonesia has the 28th annual meeting of the international maritime organization congress to pass a said in a statement agreed to implement the ballast water convention. IMO (international maritime organization) secretary general Mr KojiSekimizu later said in a statement, according to the latest IMO tonnage, according to data from Indonesia by the ballast water convention means that the convention was to satisfy their effective condition - that is, 35% of the world's merchant tonnage members in favor of the effective implementation of the convention.After further confirmation of IMO statistics, Mr Sekimizu announced that the ballast water convention determines it took effect on November 24, 2016. 8, maersk group CEO substitution restructuring business architecture On June 23, maersk group announced SuoRen served as chief executive.Released on September 22, the strategic review progress, decided to restructure group business architecture, and be appointed to the management.Maersk group board of directors decided to business restructuring as two separate parts: shipping and logistics companies and energy companies. 9, shipping people have "his" the new administration Wilbur Ross (Wilbur Ross Jr.) Was elected President of the United States (Donald Trump) or Trump would appoint referred to as "the king of bankruptcy" millionaires Wilbur Ross (Wilbur Ross Jr.) served as commerce secretary. Elaine chao The elected President of the United States plans to nominate trump first to enter the United States government cabinet of Asian women, the former secretary of labor Elaine chao as transport minister. 10, Opec production agreement After months of debate, the organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, hereinafter referred to as: Opec delegates finally production agreement on Wednesday.The move aims to boost oil prices, at the same time in the crude oil market is dominated by the United States, Russia and other countries gradually reasserting Opec's influence.
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