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In 2016, the international express market is blustery.Before in the history of the largest successful acquisition acquisition - FedEx TNT express enterprises, after the Internet giant amazon announced that express logistics market.But as more and more Chinese express companies overseas layout, international express the change of market structure will also have a profound effect on the China's express delivery market. 4-1 = 3, the match is stronger On May 25, founded in 1946, TNT founded in 70 years history.In China is called "the four major international express companies" (hereinafter referred to as the "big four") was founded in the late of FedEx for euro 4.4 billion with successful m&a as one of the "big four" of TNT.Despite the large multinational companies in recent years the trade between the acquisition, but the scale of the deal and the impact on the market pattern in express delivery, are the first in the history. Began in Europe and the United States of the "big four" grasp the first-mover advantage in the global integration, long dominated international express market leadership and top industry chain, signifies the highest level of express industry development.Even in China held "express the first big country" today, China's express delivery "big four" companies are still regarded as a on the underlying object. "Big four" become the "big three", is the most direct impact on the international express delivery market FedEx with TNT in Europe and southeast Asia, the world's largest air cargo network and its own Internet, improve their competitiveness in Europe and southeast Asia market.Although the old market order has been broken, but in the new market order, a strong rise in recent years China's express delivery enterprises will face higher barriers to industry and a stronger opponent. Especially those in Europe and southeast Asia as the springboard layout express enterprises in China in the global market, will be under more pressure of competition.As the cut in modern services, express delivery industry has always been a "winner-take-all" - leader once secure pole position, others take it takes a great deal of resources and cost. But is not without the opportunity to express enterprises in China.For FedEx, TNT is not easy.The personage inside course of study is expected, the two sides is completely finished after the merger integration process will take at least two years of time.This phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions at the same time of enhancing the FedEx, also in the test of its ability.Whether m&a can bring greater opportunities for China's express delivery enterprises or more severe challenge, recently formed the market order is much less than the old order.Powerful opponent doesn't, it is best time window latecomers to break the market order. Under the state council "about several opinions to promote the development of express delivery, express enterprises in China set off a upsurge of" sea ".In addition to the postal express delivery of relying on the upu system and post close cooperation of resource advantages, suitable abundant self-built overseas freight network, other shipping companies in the "to" development still keep joining system "factory Settings", the main customers are mainly for overseas Chinese. So, these Courier companies in 2017 and a longer period of time, to face such a problem: join system in China's express delivery market like a duck to water, whether can let the European and American countries and major emerging economies consumer buying it?Only from the point of the process of zhongtong u.s.-listed, make business model for joining and success in the Chinese market really won the recognition of the capital market, but it has to do with the American consumer endorsed are completely different concepts.To open the global market, the United States is the top priority.Therefore, in the range of "sea", express enterprises in China is still a long way to go. 1 + 1 > 2, model more In 2016, compared to deal with FedEx international express market events, amazon announced and FedEx clients express logistics market.Although before that amazon has actually express logistics involved for many years, but it will be "self-built express logistics network" formally opened to the public as an enterprise development goals, still no small vibration brings to the market. Affected by this change is the "largest FedEx and UPS.亚马逊's move has actually been declared, even the best two express delivery companies in the world, also is unable to meet its growing express logistics service demand.Although amazon, FedEx and UPS had been claimed to have each other is not affected by the move, development over the years and will continue to maintain good relations of cooperation, but amazon established between express logistics network and FedEx and UPS had formed competition in fact. Let amazon so confident is expanding its business scale.Relevant data show that in 2015, amazon express delivery business is about 1 billion pieces.In contrast, FedEx in fiscal year 2016 the express delivery business is about 3 billion pieces.This means that the amazon has amounted to a third of the FedEx express portfolio.Even in the global scope, can achieve the business scale of express enterprises are also few. Look from the enterprise core competitive power, while the amazon have not lost in alibaba cloud computing technology and don't lose the jingdong self-built express logistics service system.And takes the collaborative logistics socialization course of alibaba and taking the self-built logistics line of jingdong compared to amazon now express logistics strategy is also like a compromise version of the two Chinese competitors.Its purpose is not difficult to understand.On the one hand, open platform attribute determines the amazon to become express enterprise big customers;On the other hand, when amazon can find themselves relying on technology and scale advantage will benefit from self-built express logistics network (especially when combined with a membership service), it also can't miss this opportunity. For Chinese electricity enterprise, amazon is international e-commerce model, the market leader and its express logistics mode has been closely watched.Although the starting point is different, but alibaba and jingdong express logistics mode is gradually to amazon's "compromise version" - alibaba's rookie network gradually expand the self-built warehousing network;Jingdong self-built express logistics network officially opened.Investigate its reason, after years of fierce competition, both sides realize the electricity of the high complexity in the field of express logistics is a need to consider the cost of enterprise development, the resources, the efficiency, quality and direction of comprehensive topic, simply rely on social coordination or self-built cannot completely solve the problem. In 2017, "Big" and "small" "Long" and "short" Based on the pattern change of the international express delivery market, more and more "big" and "smaller and smaller" pattern of differentiation, and "long long" and "shorter and shorter" link differentiation, is likely to happen in 2017 years of China's express delivery market. "Growing", is the leading international express market expanding enterprise scale and market concentration degree, the Chinese express enterprises to compete, must also want to continually expand the scale of its own.Especially in the capital after the intervention, the more the express delivery market is expected in a few years from the current competition is adjusted for the long service oligarch competition of price and quality is more stable.On the huge population base and consumption potential, scale expansion will be the development of China's express delivery enterprises in the next few years.How and at the same time of scale expansion, enhance the level of development and development quality, effective play to the advantages of scale expansion, will become China's express the key leading enterprises to catch up with international trade. "A little smaller and smaller," is the fine social division of labor experience international express market is gradually transmitting to China.On the premise of leading companies have set up trade barriers, basic impossible to built a global or others across flow capacity of the network.In this case, a certain niche in the market, will become more and more enterprise choice.To novice network as an example, the service provider for more heart yi technology (responsible for warehouse management), vientiane logistics (responsible for the fall to the ground with) and manage content distribution (such as responsible for the distribution plan) specializing in small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of a certain segment of the market. "Long long" more and more, is the leading enterprise for more international express market comprehensive logistics service provider, is not just limited to express business, this will also be express enterprise general direction of the transformation of China in the future.Compared with only engaged in express delivery enterprises, comprehensive logistics service suppliers can provide one-stop supply chain solution for multiple industries, and can according to the characteristics of different industries and different enterprises personalized treatment, higher position in the industry chain and value chain, irreplaceability and stronger. "Shorter and shorter," is due to the large data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are widely used in international express market, greatly reducing the traditional express processing link.In fact, during the period of "11" double this year, part of the concentrated delivery Courier has can be realized from the sender without any sorting center, direct send a network.At the same time, the development of mobile Internet to express industry information transmission link is more and more short.Courier through hand-held terminals can contact at any time at both ends, corporate headquarters and consumers to enhance the efficiency of information processing. Predictably, 2017, the Chinese express delivery companies will be more involved in the global market competition in the field of circulation.In exploring the express industry in China really has the international competitive power of "express carrier" on the road, will test whether the government and the market main body has enough vision and boldness.
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