亚马逊 expanded droid army, up 50% from a year ear
On January 4 in the afternoon news, the world's largest e-commerce retailer amazon, said the company in 20 logistics center deployed 45000 robot, rose 50% from last year's Christmas shopping season. At present, amazon workforce growth this year is uncertain, so can't to do the staff and the robot's growth.But in the third quarter from the fourth quarter of 2015 to 2015, not including temporary workers, the total number of employees, an increase of 16%.亚马逊 has 30000 robot in the fourth quarter of last year and 30000 employees. 亚马逊 for $775 million in 2012, bought a robot company Kiva Systems, Kiva robot will automatic sorting in large warehouse the goods, thereby helping to amazon to improve efficiency.These robots 16 inches tall and weighs about 145 kg, the movement speed of 5 miles per hour, the goods can carry up to 317 kg.Kiva robots currently did was corresponding shelves will be moved to the front of warehouse staff, reduce their walking distance in the warehouse, the sorting of the product, packaging or accomplished by people. Kiva Systems, after the takeover, 亚马逊 will the company changed its name to 亚马逊 Robotics division, but seldom talked about the planning of the department.Ubs analysts estimate, 亚马逊 Robotics to save to 亚马逊 about $900 million a year by the department of labor costs. 亚马逊 executives have said, the company's robot plan is still in the experimental stage.But it is worth noting that the amazon attempt in the field of automation is no longer confined to the logistics center, but the extension in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision, and it has been opened with the help of these techniques in Seattle from queue stores.
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