亚马逊's 2016 league tables: FBA distribution 2 bi
亚马逊 announced on January 4, 2017, the platform's performance in 2016, among them, the amazon logistics service (FBA) in 2016 for the global sellers distribution more than 2 billion items.According to introducing, amazon third-party business into the global market for sellers, brands, and entrepreneurs created a huge business opportunities.FBA number of commodities in the global distribution shopping season has increased by more than 50% in 2016, the global sellers on cyber Monday received orders for more than 28 million items. 亚马逊 third-party business vice President Peter Faricy said: "for the seller on the amazon site, in 2016 created the record high sales. 亚马逊 third-party business brands and retailers of all sizes - many of them small businesses - access to global customers. Our data shows that, on a global scale, amazon third-party sellers have been created outside the amazon site more than 600000 new jobs. The seller chose to amazon, because we can help them create and expand business scale. Make us proud of is that the seller is creating more jobs and let their success to the local economic development." In 2016, amazon sellers create a lot of sales success, the following as the main timeline: Third party business and FBA FBA distribution more than 2 billion items for global customers. Use of FBA service global active more than 70% increase in the number of sellers. Outside the United States, FBA distribution of more than 80% increase in the number of goods. 亚马逊 sellers from more than 130 countries and regions around the world with the help of FBA services for customers in 185 countries and area distribution of goods. Annual sales of more than $100000 a 30% increase in the number of amazon sellers. 亚马逊 global sellers outside the amazon site created more than 600000 new jobs. Shopping season Global sellers on cyber Monday received order contains more than 28 million items. FBA number of commodities in the global distribution shopping season has increased by more than 50% in 2016. 亚马逊 products promotion Due to an increase in the number of desktop and mobile advertising, amazon global commodity promotion on growth above 150%. Use goods promotion service of global more than 100% increase in the number of sellers. Convenient payment new Unified Billing to introduce "goods", the seller may be deducted from the sales promotion costs. Goods category Online only a year, 亚马逊 Business purchasing site (亚马逊 Business) (www.amazon.com/business) online sales for more than $1 billion, including third party sellers deals completed more than half of the order.亚马逊 Business sites published in Germany in 2016.Launched in December 2016, for the Chinese 亚马逊 sellers "亚马逊 Business sellers recruiting plan", set up exclusive recruiting team in China, to help China sellers in the 亚马逊 Business. Checking the at 亚马逊 (www.amazon.com/handmade) in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Britain, provides for the eu customers more Handmade works of art.In the United States, checking the at 亚马逊 store added six new category (accessories, infants and young children, pet supplies, toys and games, beauty makeup), from the world's 80 countries and regions, and craftsmen of all 50 states in the United States the quantity more than 500000 direct sales. 亚马逊 Home Services (www.amazon.com/services) is to provide professional Services on demand site, at present has been extended to more than 50 metropolitan area in the United States.Home Services to provide cover now 60 professional company in the field of more than 1200 kinds of Services.Home Services professional delivery of orders increased by more than 200%. Business window 亚马逊 site (www.amazon.com.mx) of Mexico continues to expand, more than 20000 domestic and international sellers offer customers new Mexico more than 50 million kinds of commodities. The seller on the amazon site (www.amazon.ca), Canada sales topped $1 billion, creating a new record. Start on amazon sales of well-known brands including American Girl, Lands' End and Segway. 亚马逊 launched the "integrated logistics services (Pan - European FBA program), the seller can in Europe all of the amazon site for international business, and only the inventory distribution to a destination. Global sellers from 亚马逊 Lending borrowing 亚马逊 sales growth is expected to about $4 billion.亚马逊 Lending program to provide business loans to invited to the seller on the 亚马逊, help expand its business. At the first amazon in Seattle third-party business women entrepreneurs conference attracted more than 300 enterprises have female managers.
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