Lazada and amazon plundered the Singapore market,
You may have heard Lazada, or you have bought many products from Lazada platform. Lazada now is no longer a unknown small shop, it has almost all brands of products that you can imagine. Lazada become brand power Open Lazada website, people will find various is sales promotion product information - and, more importantly, these products belong to the independent brand. Brands to realize the importance of creating network influence, and set up their own e-commerce sites, many brands to choose Lazada platform such as the beginning. Due to Lazada belongs to regional platform, brands are willing to join platform, so that their products can consumers for the multiple market at the same time. In addition, Lazada brand page imitating traditional booth and department store counters, with independent regional concentration show brand products. With the aid of alibaba, expanding rapidly In April 2016, the Chinese electricity giant alibaba $1 billion bid for Lazada, this is Mr. Ma in the biggest deal outside of China.Because alibaba is thinking of expanding its influence in the international market. Through alibaba, Lazada now have more logistics network, such as kerry logistics, DHL in Thailand, Indonesia, logistics developed, Express, China post, CJ Korea shipment.To ensure that the platform can with the fastest speed in the market for countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) to deliver the parcel. Lazada Redmart purchase online supermarket In August 2011, Singapore online supermarket Redmart, began to provide food and household life style, help people save time and money. In November 2016, Lazada acquisition Redmart, online food field.Singapore startups Honestbee have achievement in this aspect, it mainly through cooperation with local supermarket form, itself has no inventory. Redmart has its own storage facilities, and delivery trucks and drivers.It is in itself a whole supermarket chain, but no entity shop.Complete logistics system, let Redmart can always delivery to Singapore consumers fresh products and food. Lazada and amazon plundered the Singapore market, and guess who will win? Buy Redmart that Lazada aimed at the southeast Asia's consumer spending huge food industry, the industry occupies 60% of the overall retail sales in southeast Asia.Redmart and complete facilities means that Lazada need to expand the scope of business. 亚马逊 is about to move into Singapore Lazada and amazon plundered the Singapore market, and guess who will win? However, all these measures of innovation and expansion, not just for the sake of further development. Although Lazada is southeast Asia is very important to electric business platform, it will usher in a strong competitor. Global electricity giant amazon, outside the United States many economic powers to establish the local websites, such as Britain, France, Germany and Japan. It is interesting to note that amazon was one of the potential buyers Redmart.But because of the low bid, failed to succeed. It is reported that in 2016 the amazon recruiter for Singapore's central business district office, in Jurong Island (Jurong Island) rent warehouse...All of these, are preparing for in Singapore in 2017. In addition, amazon Prime Video has recently opened to the consumers in Singapore. Singapore's cyber war in 2017 In 2017, is a major key to the development of Singapore electricity for a year. In Singapore, the amazon will bring Singapore consumers new choices - the most significant is that Prime distribution services and 亚马逊Fresh (amazon fresh). Although failed to acquire Redmart, amazon has equipped with their own infrastructure, including the delivery of fresh food refrigerated trucks, jurong island warehouse, fully support 亚马逊Fresh business. Singapore consumers hope that the arrival of the amazon, not like a new egg disappointing. New electricity retailers eggs (problem) in the United States, the main computer accessories.In 2014, announced new eggs into the Singapore market.But the mismatching product category, higher than the average price of the product, consumers said are not sold in Singapore, they prefer to Lazada and Qoo10 buying electronic products. Although people not sure the arrival of the amazon will what the consequences, but amazon station many products, consumers can be sent to Singapore. Now, Lazada belongs to the southeast Asia local electrical contractor, know more about the culture of online shopping.With alibaba's support, they dominate electricity dealer market in southeast Asia.亚马逊 needs to start from scratch, spend more used to create the infrastructure and employment. Consumers in Singapore will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of fierce competition.
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