India's postal communication with the railway depa
Recently, the postal ministry of railways for talks with India, India to discuss the issues by the railway transport package.The relevant person in charge of India post said, in recent years, India's electricity development is rapid, predicts 2020, electricity customers will reach 320 million people.Resulting in electricity package quantity increase, India post are exploring diversified shipping method, and plans to cooperate with Indian railways, open the parcel transport train, to relieve pressure, improve service. It is understood that due to cash tighten, Indian railways department is considering raising ticket prices and increase the income, the fare increase in external financing at the same time, develop other projects.Indian railways minister suresh, said: "the ministry is working on opening the parcel train, will soon release parcel train schedule. In the future, will increase the fare revenue, expand service scope. India's domestic experts said, the ministry of railways and postal cooperation will create a strong logistics ecosystem.India in "the last kilometer" postal service has obvious advantages, and the railway sector has a strong traffic network, the two can subtly linked together.
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