Fedex will expand France's Charles DE gaulle airpo
Fedex recently announced that it will expand its distribution center is located in Paris Charles DE gaulle airport. It is reported, the fedex will invest 200 million euros, the ability of the center parcel sorting by more than 40%.The center will start in the summer of 2017, in 2019. Completed, Charles DE gaulle airport distribution center will have a suitable for automatic sorting system of large and oversized bags, this is fedex adopted such sorting system for the first time in the whole world, with the continued growth of electronic commerce, it is also a market trend. Since 1985, fedex has been active in France, in 1999, Charles DE gaulle airport distribution center became the major European hub, and is one of the largest hub outside the United States federal express.Fedex said in a statement, its treatment station located in cologne, Germany and TNT depot in liege, Belgium will continue to work emphasis in the future as a group. According to introducing, TNT will soon be opening a ground treatment station in northern Paris France island area. Fedex in France to make a significant investment in recent years, including opened since 2011 19 sites and acquisitions of domestic airlines Tatex in France in 2012.At present, fedex's business scope covering 48 cities in France.
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