Russia SPSR express company favored by Chinese com
Cooperation with SPSR Express (SPSR Express) of many Chinese companies, called it "Russia" motion.With the further development of trade between China and Russia in recent years, the Russian express company with excellent "ability", in their own business at the same time, find more business opportunities in China. Nearly two years, SPSR express successively cooperating with China electric business platform such as alibaba, jingdong, be they specify online shipping logistics service, provide the Beijing, China, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places out of the country more than the express line, and for them delivery the goods in Russia.This cooperation has achieved a win-win situation, on the one hand, SPSR express delivery business, expanding the income increase;Also help China's electricity enterprises, on the other hand, in the Russian market development the heavens and the earth.Is not only the electric business enterprise, SPSR express lifan, cooperation with China, also responsible for the latter in the online car sales and distribution. So, SPSR express exactly what is the edge? First of all, compared with Russia, postal SPSR express has obvious advantages on aging.Its cooperation with jingdong, for example, can realize the goods 10 hours from jingdong proprietary guangzhou warehouse to Russia SPSR warehouse, then through 1-2 days can be completed.SPSR express in Russia has 9 distribution centers, more than 1000 to the point, has branches in 200 cities, more than 1100 long-distance transportation routes, covered 98.3% of Russia's economic active population, can provide service for about 6000 towns.This greatly increases the Russian cross-border shopping convenience and timeliness, increases their shopping experience. Second, SPSR express has run 15 years in Russia, Russia's first introduced Courier express (C.O.D.) service for enterprises.For Russian consumers, cod still is the main way of them to pay electricity, accounted for nearly 70% of Russia's online payment transaction share.Even if the use of bank CARDS online payment and advance the percentage of consumers are in growth, but now in Russia, cod is still a main consumer online payment options. In recent years, the SPSR express into international B2C market, and in the United States Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, Germany, and China's Hong Kong, shenzhen and other places to build the logistics network.According to the international business development director alex SPSR express borisov, at present, the SPSR express in the Russian market share accounted for about 12%, accounted for 50% of Russian entry express B2C business, each year can process about twenty million packages. Finally, SPSR Courier for possession of the Russian federation customs broker and authorized by the national postal license, therefore can provide customers with the standardization of trade documents and import customs clearance solution, make the goods through unified and convenient business process into the Russian market.For global electricity operator, customs clearance and "the last kilometer" distribution are two major challenges.In terms of customs clearance, three SPSR express delivery to Moscow airport for customs clearance, but also for trucking clearance center.Parcel after transfer to the clearance center, according to the application of unified customs clearance. It seems that Chinese enterprises choose SPSR express as open up the Russian market partners also understandable.
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