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Today's society, the development of the technology beyond imagination.In just six years ago, apple device and its now, its sales were almost beyond apple desktops and laptops were combined.脸书, from the website of the university dorm, had become with billions of people's social platform. There is no lack of logistics industry is also a scientific and technological innovation in the industry, and can be determined, technology will be the last one of the important factors that drive the industry forward.So, what other factors will affect the future of the logistics industry?Recently, the third party logistics companies in the United States Cerasis 7 main factors affecting the development of logistics industry are analyzed. One is globalization.Both emerging markets and mature international market, nowadays, more and more enterprises will be the development target in "going out", logistics company plays an important role in promoting customer internationalization development. The second is accused of "technology" of the workforce.After today, after 80, 80 young people become the main labor, they hope the facilities in the workplace can use smartphone or vehicles have been used in all kinds of mobile technology.They are confident, willing to accept the challenge task, advocate technology, also hope to get approval in time.In the next 10 years, the enterprise will face the labor demand and capacity. Three is the pattern of economic growth.More than in the past, the growth of the logistics industry come from Asia to Europe and North America's export business.Things are changed.Source of the future, the growth of the logistics industry will become more varied, fragmentation, hard to predict.Population and economic growth is likely to be focused on infrastructure in the city. Four is spending habits.With the development of the electricity, the logistics supply chain also varies with the change of the consumption patterns.Although at present there are still 67% of consumers choose a slower but the cheapest way of delivery, but the logistics handling must also meet the demand of consumers a variety of delivery, such as "the last kilometer", and so on the same day or the next day the service. Five is the freight sharing.At present, such as taxi passenger is trying to share a taxi service.Also hope to share the freight truck company, sharing and launching the App, to facilitate customers to strengthen the visual control of transportation and inventory.This APP can help customers locate trucks and eliminate the intermediate links, choose the vehicle directly.The truck driver by App can also be precise matching cargo capacity. Six is the political volatility.The flow of goods will be under the influence of geopolitics.Huge potential for development of logistics industry in the emerging market, but the security of the supply chain, including logistics technology of network security and so on, has become the main concern of the global market. Seven is security.Cloud technology makes the warehousing and logistics management can exchange data through the network and easy to complete.Cloud data system, therefore, it is necessary to ensure safety, especially for weak links for protection, safety to prevent hacker attacks.This requires logistics companies to maintain surveillance and threat of network alert, emergency disposal at any time. What is clear is that in the next 10 years, intelligent technology will be highly integrated and material handling tools.There will be more skilled employees intelligent machine operation, and with the robot "work together".Therefore, only control the digital science and technology enterprise, its supply chain to be more reliable, high efficiency and low cost.Hope to see you soon .contact us riht now
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