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International express

We with world famous international express company UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, HKEMS, establish a long-term relations of cooperation, to provide documents, parcels and samples in advance, to pay, the third party payment international express service.And the special line service of the company, its characteristic is: all can reach the global, freight is cheap, aging fast, can do.We make full use of the global well-known international Courier companies to establish a global service network, and for we have a complete hardware facilities and well-trained team of express delivery, providing customers with the door closed, express query, tracking service. 

We will be according to their own characteristics and customer demand, providing customers with personalized express carrier program.We always focus on providing customers with more secure, more efficient, more economical export express transport scheme.
International express:
DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS, HKEMS special line service.With DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, and won the first class agents of the four major express delivery company.
DHL international service
Our company agent mainland/Hong Kong DHL international Courier service, the service route aging fast, safe and reliable, complete trajectory.For express delivery of documents anywhere in the world and small items have advantage on the price.Parts of Western Europe, and America, southeast Asia (Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines) and other countries large cargo customs clearance ability is strong, the price is reasonable.

FEDEX international services
Our company agent for the mainland/Hong Kong/macau via FEDEX international express mail, the service is fast, convenient query, safe and reliable, and parts of the country can be a day of service, have special offers on international heavy stuff.For southeast Asia in terms of speed and price is all four of the first express way, FedEx shortcoming lies in South America, Africa, Middle East countries have no advantage of price and speed

UPS international service
Our agent in Hong Kong/mainland China via UPS international express delivery service, UPS to pay in advance and other business, flexible operation.UPS Courier service in the United States, Canada, Mexico region has the strong advantage, for China's textile clearance is better.

TNT international service
Our agent in Hong Kong/China TNT international express services, customs clearance in parts of eastern Europe, the Middle East.If you have a need to send some of the more important is the goods, and time is fast, strong customs clearance, I suggest you choose TNT.TNT clearance ability is strong, not only delivery ability is strong.

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