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Domestic express

Product introduction

We can provide high level door to door Courier service.With a standard pricing, standard operating procedure, each link all carried out with the fastest speed delivery, transit, delivery, and relative standard promise delivery products to customers.

Product advantage
1. Quick time service
Orders from the customer to make an appointment to door-to-door to collect charge for express, 1 hours to complete;
Express to outlets to accept to send door to door delivery for the customer, 2 hours to complete;
Guarantee delivery of each link, the fastest city can achieve a "hair in the morning to the afternoon" and part of the province of parts in the province "invention to today" (remote areas will increase the corresponding working days).
2. Safe transport services
Transportation networks: provide standard, high quality, safe service.
Advanced information monitoring system, GPS technology monitoring all the express mail delivery process, ensure the safety of express on time and service.
Strict quality control system, set up four categories: 98 quality management standards, strict control.
3. Efficient and convenient services
Flexible payment settlement way: send the payment, to the party, the third party payment, settlement, monthly settlement, cash transfer settlement, cheque clearing.
The product features
1. 365 all-weather service
365 days a year irrespective of the holiday, we will, as always, to provide services
2. Various value-added services
We offer cod, valuation, such as notification delivery, sign the receipt, generation cost/warehousing fee, trust receipt, MSG SMS notification, and so on a number of value-added services.
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