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We have the mainland's leading export booking, customs clearance and operation team, to undertake the lantau island in Hong Kong airport, shenzhen baoan airport, guangzhou baiyun airport to international air freight business from all over the world, to provide customers from consulting quotation, booking the shipping space, door to door delivery, customs clearance, FCL, make to the goods from the port information query and so on complete air export business agent.
We will be according to their own characteristics and customer demand, to provide customers with personalized solutions.We always focus on providing customers with more secure, more efficient, more economical to export goods by air solution.

The main core business: 
1, shenzhen air freight direct to = = = = = > southeast Asia, the Middle East) and area (Japan/South Korea/Taiwan/Singapore/kl/Bangkok/ho chi minh, etc.), contracted airlines: useful (shenzhen)/AK (shenzhen)/MI (sia)/KE (Korean)/EK (uae)/CA (air) 
2. Shenzhen airfreight direct to = = = = = > the European countries (the Dutch/German/English/French/Italian/Swedish/Spanish/Russia/Switzerland, etc.), packet plate air agent: China southern airlines (CZ)/emerald (JI)/Air China (CA)
3. Shenzhen/Hong Kong airfreight direct to = = = = = > American special line: la/sf/Chicago/vancouver/Miami, agent package board air: Air China (CA)/Eva (BR)/UPS/CX/TG, etc

Introduce the main business:
1. International air transportation
Our company with EK, CV, CX, EK, AZ, NZ, OF, QY, CI, SQ, KE, JL, PR, UPS, FX, CZ, CA, and a number OF airlines in NW has established good and stable relations OF cooperation, to improve service quality.Our service network throughout Hong Kong, guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan and the pearl river delta region.Agent network in jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, fujian, hunan mainland areas all over the country, such as those goods port throughout Europe, the americas, Asia, Australia, Africa.Major cities in Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Lagos, dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, and other countries and regions have agent, can provide customers with door-to-door delivery, safe and fast air transport import and export business.

2. Advantage routes
Europe and the United States air line, aviation special line in the Middle East, Africa, aviation special line, southeast Asian aviation special line, central and South America routes, etc.
Advantages of aviation: BA, TG, UPS, QR, EK, EY, CV, GF, SU, etc.
3. The company's main routes in southeast Asia, Western Europe, the united Arab emirates with EK airline, MH, Malaysia airlines, TG Thai airways, working closely with the change of the world's financial system, and the transfer of global financial perspective, our company in 2010 introduced a preferential routes in Africa Nigeria, and extended product line continuously, the southeast Asia and South Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan line service, makes up for the airfreight and express between the blind spot, save costs and make your goods safe and quick to clients!

4. The main international freight line: most countries can be sent to the door.Company and all staff in line with "take the customer as this, the good faith is supreme" the management idea, under the unremitting efforts, has established a set of perfect international air transportation network.For the overwhelming majority of customers with the best international air freight service. 

Our company has been in line with to the customer for the business objective, diligently enterprising, win-win cooperation, by a great number of partners praise for the outstanding freight forwarding enterprise, get the widespread praise of many customers and praise. As a team, that my company believes in good faith for this, the idea of service first, with the operation of the professional experience and first-class service.

Restrictions on the size of weight
1, according to flight models and of departure, transit, and destination airport equipment conditions, loading and unloading capacity determined that the maximum weight and size of shipping the goods. 
2, non wide-body aircraft, piece goods weight is generally not more than 80 kilograms, the dimension of the cargo door dimension model with no more than routes, appropriate, machine before and after the cargo door size of bulk cargo door receiving note

MD-82 135*75 125*65  
   MD-90 135*72 125*62  
   A-320 120*180 110*170  
   B737-200 85*120 75*110  
   B737-300 85*120 75*110  
   B757-200 110*140 100*130  
   FK-100 75*65 65*55  
Figure - 154 135 80 * 70 * 80 
   B-146 135*76 125*66  
B767-200, container board, box 120 * 90
A - 300 container board, box 120 * 90
A - 340 container board, box 120 * 90
MD - 11 container board, box 120 * 90
The smallest size 3, the goods in addition to direct the attached bills of lading documents, letters of such goods, other goods of length, width and height shall not be less than 40 cm.Under the above standard, by the shipper packaging.
4, cargo weight calculated by gross weight, the measuring unit is kilograms, mantissa four of five people.Each air waybill cargo weighing less than 1 kg, calculated at l kilograms.The valuables, the measuring unit is 0. L kilograms. 
5, a wide-bodied aircraft carrying the goods, the weight per piece is generally not more than 80 kg, volume is generally not more than 40 x60xi 00 cm.Wide-body aircraft carrying the goods and the weight of each package is generally not more than 250 kg, volume is generally not more than 100 x100x140 centimeters. 

We stick to "take the customer as the service faith" and "integrity, professional, and constantly improve, and customer win-win" business philosophy, give full play to the geographical advantage, adjacent to Hong Kong in order to avoid the inspection of customs declaration service advantages and Hong Kong line transportation advantage, strive to "the country's most influential professional international air freight enterprise".

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