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Domestic air

Company a distinct advantage of domestic 8, 12, 24 hours of time service brand and air express network all over the country, and to provide you with safe, accurate and fast high-quality door to door air express and logistics services, and implement information tracking service.

Domestic air superiority

  1. Aging fast, usually arrive on the same day

  2. Air cargo flights can ensure stability and shipping space.

  3. 24 hours door-to-door delivery is domestic air quality services.

  4. Provide professional domestic air transport services.

  5. At first half an hour to limit a Courier service.

  6. Network in major cities throughout the country, at any time to provide customers with efficient service platform.

  7. Use this advanced e-commerce platform greatly improve the services the company in the industry

Check air consignment process.Foreign trade companies and industrial enterprises in the prepare the goods, received the approval of the l/c (or revised) is correct, you can check it, as the l/c and shipment terms concerned in the contract, and the goods name, number, the date of shipment and destination, fill in"Consignment noteAnd provide relevantdocuments, to our company as the basis of book flights.

  Arrange cargo space.Our company after receipt of the consignment note and the relevant documents, together with the domestic airlines, according to the principle, the nature of the goods, freight loading quantity, destination, etc., combined with the flight, arrange the shipping space, and then issued by the carrier airlines air waybill.

  The loading and installed.Our company according to the flight, on behalf of the foreign trade companies or industry and trade enterprises to the warehouse the goods sent to the airport, to deliver the goods against shipping documents specify the shipping space for shipment.

Domestic air range

  Category 1: garments, textiles, leather shoes.

  Category 2: cloth, leather, furniture.

  Category 3: regulatory goods, mobile phones, mechanical and electrical products, electronic products, decorative lighting.Accessories, computers, medicines, printed matter, instruments and meters, pottery and porcelain, arts and crafts category 4: aquatic products, nereid, frozen goods, seafood.

  Category 5: MiaoJi, miao, ducks, fish, poultry, pets, miao goose.

  Category 6: fruits, vegetables, flowers, feed.

  Classification of 7: shellfish, kinds of silkworm, breeder eggs.

  Classification of 8: chemicals (liquid, powder, solid)

Domestic air flow

Clearance process

  Booking: according to customer needs, determine the flight time and space

  Pick up the goods: send inland goods vehicle

  Storage: to provide designated warehouse, arrange the goods storage site operation: inspection, weighing, delivery, make

  Warehousing, sorting documents to the airport security check

  A single: grant aviation bill of lading to the customer

To the port of the process

  Our catalogue: after the goods to the port of our catalogue at the airport

  Distribution: the goods to the warehouse

  Delivery: arrange transport delivery to their appointed places

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