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Air import

Global import to China air service
(a) our air superiority:
The customs has a good relationship, to do EDI declaration and general trade entry;
If time emergency, can priority arrangement;
Ask for the quotation.Note: Hong Kong need to be separately quoted, CASE BY CASE.
Import air operation has a wealth of experience, the operation level and customs clearance ability of leading;
Import cargo surge and the corresponding cost reduction, import cost is the lowest;
Straight hair 3 to 5 days to reach China, turn to the Hong Kong tax package imports to domestic 7 to 10 days;
Has a long-term agreement with global numerous airlines, can choose the optimal solution for the guests;
Professional management of imports by air logistics company, can provide other value-added services for guests.
(2) customs clearance items classification: cosmetics clearance/customs clearance, customs clearance/health food
Customs clearance, clearance/milk powder customs declaration, customs clearance/electronic products
Customs clearance, customs clearance red wine/customs clearance, animal and plant import customs declaration
Machinery import customs clearance, chemical raw materials import customs clearance
Medical equipment import customs clearance, animal food imports

(3) the declaration import notice:
1. The scope of the carrier: all items are available from other customs allow the carrier for carriage.
2. The air is not carrying the following items: cash, gold and silver diamond bracelet,
Around the country and the customs regulation of violations;
3. Fill in the waybill note: sent to mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Waybill fill in is available in both English and Chinese, and on the waybill to fill in the sender,
The recipient name, address telephone and detailed goods name, quantity and value.

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