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Global Courier import

Ze yuan international freight forwarding four express global import business, fromany country worldwide delivery to Hongkong Express import service, afterHongkong import tax package, transportation services to China. Our company by virtue of professional global express import experience and have long-terminternational logistics company, express network, quick and safe for you to carry a variety of international commodity exchanges Chinese.

The import process (Figure): take to express export distribution center and export customs declaration, Chinese Express import express distribution center, import customs clearance / duties / lifting members, Shenzhen transit center, homedelivery and receipt

To pick up the pieces

To prepare documents (invoice, packing list, export documents)

Express import

1, to prepare documents (packing list style download, download the commercial invoice style, export documents)

2, express import carriers (DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, the UK Express import line)

3, express import price inquiry

4, import tracking

Package 5, weight, size and other requirements

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