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Hong Kong import tax package

Hongkong Express import process and advantage

Our advantage:

Jane - no need to document the procedures, without approval: as long as the goods to Hongkong, agents of various procedures;

Safety extra high - the formal declaration security guarantees: regular express declaration, the absolute guarantee of safety;

The cost of extra - the tax package fee per kg kg Valuation: all inclusive price(including shipping, taxes and fees);

Speed express - normal one or two days of arrival: the delivery day to arrange transportation, second days of arrival;

Advantages: leather goods imported cloth, hardware equipment, electronic components, toys, food, cosmetics.

Hongkong Express import customs clearance and transportation.

Refers to the logistics company to express declaration forms from express Supervision Center imported into the interior, can be exempt from value-added taxby express declaration of imports to the inland, the missing part tariff, luxury goods are also exempt from consumption tax, thereby saving cost for the majority of businesses, an import way to increase profits.

Two Hongkong Express import customs clearance and transportation advantages.

The 1 major Hong Kong Express import, especially the price in the same industry

2 has high-quality management personnel and experienced operation team

3 every single business negotiations, from tracking to feedback, special services

Three. Hongkong Express import customs clearance service range

The 1 generation to the payment.

2 as your company consignee of Hongkong (Consignee) collecting goods.

The 3 Hongkong declaration and handle all kinds of license (such as textileslicense).

4 Hongkong receiving / delivery, sent to all parts of the country.

Four. Suitable for Hongkong Express import customs clearance transport of goods

1 small bulk, small samples and high value IC, sensitive goods etc.;

2 the lack of certain documents (such as no 3C certification) of various products;

3 want to save costs, a variety of products without the need for value-added tax votes;


4 of the international express special;

Less than

5 of processing trade contract index, or contract fails to batch of down,and need to import goods;

6 import and export agent (agent import and export formalities)

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