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General trade import declaration

General trade import and export customs clearance process
Accept the order 1.
  Orders: the goods to the port, after the handover is based on the contract, invoice, (2) single, fills in the list of imported goods.
  2. Declare
  Declare: transfer the customs broker fills in the list of goods and contracts, invoices, (2) one-way offcial declaration, examination of documents offcial audit and correct, number, signature, and in the annotate on on the "customs visa book" Chinese vehicles.
  3. The checker
  Inspection: the transfer of the customs broker will have to review the list of goods by the Chinese vehicles cross check the offcial visa book, via checking single goods, goods out of the bayonet.
  4. The measurement
  Measurement: transfer the custom officer will check the list of shipment measurement jins, customs officer to register, and inspection catties chop on the listing, the vehicle back to the skin, offcial audit is sealed by the warehouse and annotate the visa book.
  5. Put in storage
  Storage: after cargo measurement personnel to escort to the appointed warehouse by the transition.
  Accept the order 6.
  Orders: the goods delivery charge by the export goods declaration form, the list of export goods and other relevant documents and in the top left corner seal to the list of export goods, entry computer.
  7. To declare
  Declaration: transfer the customs declaration with the export goods declaration form, the list of export goods declared to customs officer examination of documents, the customs officer to review and correct, number, signature, and comments on China vehicle "visa book".
  8. Check the
 Inspection: inspection officer with the list of export goods, China vehicle "visa book" (Russian vehicle with import goods listing the first triple) check goods.
  After 9.
  Release: via checking single goods, the goods into the bayonet, customs clearance release.
  10. The auditing
  Records of check: customs declaration enterprise registration (abbreviated)
  11. A preliminary entry
  Early entry: print the customs declaration form, contract, waybill, invoice and manifest, the goods of all kinds of documents required, the import tax certificate.
  Statistics of 12.
  Statistics: key audit statistical indicators of customs statistics needed: import and export commodities variety (i.e., classification of goods), number (weight), quantity, price, country (region), business units, domestic purpose (source), trade mode, the mode of transportation, don't wait.
  Issuing 13.
  Document examination: key audit declaration form attached all kinds of documents (contract, waybill, manifest, invoice and on the basis of the conditions required by the various documents should be) the authenticity and validity.
  14. Appraisal
  Appraisal: key audit import and export commodities prices, approved the price of export goods, to determine the dutiable value of imported goods.
  Taxing 15.
  Tax: key auditImport and exportTax collection nature of the goods and the applicable tax rate, tax (fee) issued by payment, cancel after verification has received payment, issue the contact list.
  After 16.
  Release: imported with duty payment and contact list, release form;Export by the approved customs clearance procedures fulfilled, and release chop.





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