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Shipping LCL as traditional advantage project, has been opened more than a global international port straight fight business, and can satisfy the customer delivery requirements to all over the world.Our company headquarters in shenzhen, respectively, in guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, ningbo, Qingdao, xiamen, a coastal port city branch.Our companyIts own drag dealership, customs broker and transit warehouse, can provide one-stop service of shipping.
1, general trade exports, as a first-class international logistics company in the pearl river delta, really your LCL do cabinets, control of the goods absolutely, advantageous to control risk, formed the perfect network of the pearl river delta, make your purchase more convenient, efficient, perfect overseas agent network, we are able to offer more to pay and to door and other special services.
2, a dragon LCL, bulk exports have another channel again, shipping, customs clearance, commodity inspection, pay one-stop turnkey service for you to lift all export customs clearance problem. The service mainly for small home appliance, personal belongings, groceries, clothing, etc to do the inspection of goods has a lot of advantages. Also convenient to operate. Do not need to provide customs declaration material, don't do the commodity inspection.
Advantages: convenient: shenzhen, guangzhou, dongguan, Hong Kong and are receiving. The freight is the same.
Advantage 2: shipping date steady fast: mainland into the storehouse, the Hong Kong shipping date.
Advantage 3: no customs declaration formalities, cut off the day before five can send storehouse.
LCL products, metal products, plastic products, leather, textiles, clothing, shoes, furniture, ceramic, stainless steel tableware, sanitary ware, electronic appliances, mobile phone accessories, batteries, household electrical appliances, paper products, stuffed toys, handicrafts, Christmas crafts, watches, cosmetics and other consumer products, electrical and mechanical equipment, mold, lights, LED lights,Wood furniture, instruments and meters, kraft paper, car accessories, audio equipment, headphones, speakers,At the noise

We are committed to: considerate considerate service + professional operation of the power, the whole experience = you really satisfied!!




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